Tesla hires Apple software engineer Chris Lattner to lead its Autopilot team


Chris Lattner, the project lead of Swift programming language at Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) decided to leave the iPhone maker to join Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA). Lattner announced his departure from the company in a community forum on Tuesday. According to him, he will leave Apple later this month to pursue an opportunity in another space. He wrote that his decision wasn’t easy and “remained completely committed to Swift,” which is used by hundreds of millions of people.  Apple launched Swift in 2014 as its de-facto language for third-party app…

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Tesla Improves Car Safety with Summon Remote Parking Technology


Tesla  Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) introduced  a remote parking technology known as Summon to improve further the safety and convenience of its vehicles as it moves towards a safer autonomous driving future. Earlier this year, the electric car manufacturer added a series of new Autopilot features to the Tesla 7.1 software. According to the electric car manufacture, Summon addressed three primary goals. First, the safety risk inherent to driver-operated vehicles in tight quarter or spaces where the blind spot of the driver increases when maneuvering the vehicle. Second, Summon improves the convenience…

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