Califonia Gov. Brown Signs Bill Legalizing Side Walk Vending Statewide

Gov. Brown Signs Safe Side Walk Vending Act

California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a legislation legalizing side walk vending across the state.  Next year, side walk vendors will be able to sell food or other products legally and contribute to the state’s economy.

Democratic State Senator Ricardo Lara introduced Senate Bill 946—the Safe Side Walk Vending Act. The newly signed legislation will take effect on January 1, 2019.

Under Senate Bill 946, local government cannot prohibit sidewalk vending. It allows municipalities to establish permit programs for side walk vendors and require them to obtain a business license.

Municipalities cannot ban side walk vending in parks. Side walk vendors do not need to ask permission from adjacent businesses to sell products.

Local government may impose restrictions on side walk vending as long as the primary reason is directly related to health, safety, or welfare concerns.

Side walk vendors who were previously convicted for violating local anti-vending law may petition the court to dismiss the sentence against them.

 Sen. Lara recognizes the importance of side walk vendors to California’s economy

In a statement, Lara said, “With Senate Bill 946 we can start seeing sidewalk vendors for who they are – women and seniors, single parents, and micro-business owners taking that first step to starting their own business.”

Additionally, Lara said, “Governor Brown’s signature validates that thousands of sidewalk vendors are an important part of our economy.” He also noted that side walk vendors are working hard to support their families. They give “California its unique flavor.”

According to Lara, more than 60 groups including the Los Angeles Street Vendor Campaign, L.A. Food Supply Council and Leadership for Urban Renewal Network supported Senate Bill 946.

Caridad Sanchez, a leader of the Los Angeles Street Vendor Campaign, commented, “I feel very emotional with the news of Governor Brown signing SB 946.” She added that “thousands of vendors  can come out of the shadows and contribute to our economy openly.” Sanchez thanked  Lara  for supporting side walk vendors and moving the legislation forward.

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