California Primary: Schwarzenegger Will Not Vote for Republican John Cox

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the movie actor and former California Governor is encouraging Californians to exercise their rights to vote. The state is conducting its primary election today.

In a tweet, Schwarzenegger said, “Californians, whether you are to the left of me, to the right of me, or in the center, get out and vote. This is your day to flex your power.”

In a another tweet, he also confirmed previous report that he will not vote for his fellow Republican John Cox, who is running to become the next governor of California.

Schwarzenegger simply tweeted “nope” and embedded President Donald Trump’s tweet endorsing Cox. He rejected the President’s statement that Cox will make a big difference for California.

Schwarzenegger says Trump needs to focus on his job and learn from California

On May 31, he also tweeted that Californians do not need the President endorsement and advice. He told Trump to focus on his job such as building infrastructure for the country.

Additionally, Scwarzenegger pointed out that California’s GDP growth at 4.9% is higher than the U.S. GDP growth at 2.3%. He said Trump needs to learn from California, the first largest economy in the world.

Meanwhile, Assembly Member Travis Allen, another Republican seeking to become the next California governor, will not get Schawarzenegger vote as well.

The former California governor’s spokesman, Daniel Ketchell recently told the Los Angeles Times, “They will not get his vote,” referring to Cox and Allen. He explained the Schwarzenegger will not support “any candidate that plans to take California backward and undo our environmental leadership.”

On June 1, Schwarzenegger derided Republicans who do not support “California’s rights to clean our air.” He told them to leave the GOP.

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