Twitter to Maintain 140-Character Limit for Tweets


Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) CEO Jack Dorsey said the company will maintain the 140-character limit for tweets during an interview with Carson Daly and Matt Lauer on NBC’s Today show on Friday.

Previous reports suggested that the microblogging company was considering of making the 140-character limit longer to as much as 10,000 characters. Twitter insiders were reportedly referring to the new feature as “Beyond 140.”  Some users opposed the idea.

Dorsey ended such speculations after saying that the 140-character limit “is staying” citing the reason that it is a “good constraint for us, and it allow for of-the-moment brevity.”

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Making Twitter better

He added that although Twitter is keeping the 140-character limit, they are changing a lot of things to make the platform better.

In August last year, Dorsey reorganized the microblogging company’s product team and stated that his focus was to build teams that move & learn faster. They would also work on providing more utility for people who love to use its platform daily.

During the same month, Twitter eliminated the limit on direct, private messages between users. By October, the company introduced “Moments,” a feature that allows users easily find tweets the biggest news stories of the day, changed the shape of its “favorite” icon from star to heart.

Currently, Dorsey said the biggest change on Twitter is the “way people use the service. It is the easiest way for people to see what’s happening right now.” According to him, many people are using the platform to see the breaking news and see latest happenings in the world.

Dorsey on censorship

When asked if Twitter censors the content of its users, Dorsey said “absolutely not. He emphasized that the service is “always about controls, people can follow whoever they want.”

He added that it is their job to ensure that people see that most important things that matter to them. People have controls to block and mute tweets, but not the company.

Dorsey also emphasized that tweets that promote violence are against the company’s terms of service. According to him, he receives criticism and complaints. According to him, as CEO of the company he can block anyone, but never did it because he wants to hear from them.

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