Anti-Age Discrimination in Employment Passed on 2nd Reading

The House of Representatives in the Philippines approved on the second reading, the proposed bill that prohibits and penalizes age discrimination in employment. Under the proposed House Bill 6418 or the Anti-Age Discrimination in Employment Act, everyone should have equal opportunities in employment. Individuals should be employed based on their abilities, knowledge, skills, qualifications instead of age. The bill prohibits arbitrary age limitations in employment, promotes the rights of employees regardless of age, equal treatment in terms of benefits, compensation, promotion, training, and other opportunities. The House Bill 6418 covers…

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FDA Philippines Warns Against Six Unregistered Drugs

FDA Philippines

The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) of the Philippines is warning the public and all healthcare professionals regarding the presence of six unregistered drugs in the market. According to the FDA, these unregistered drugs include Norfloxacin Capsules, Baineting Eye Drops, Santen Daigaku Eye Drugs, Advanced Relief Eye Drops, Ranitidine Hydrochloride Capsules and Hawthorn Fat-Reducing Tablets. The FDA Advisory No. 2016-012-A indicated that the above unregistered drugs may be harmful to the health of the consuming public. Anyone caught selling or dispensing unregistered drugs will be penalized The importation and sale…

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Philippine Congress Approves Bill Giving Nurses Nearly PHP25K Minimum Wage

Filipino nurses

The House of Representatives of the Philippines approved the proposed Comprehensive Nursing Law of 2015 on the third and final reading last week. The bill will provide a minimum monthly salary of PHP 24, 887 for entry-level nurses in both public and private hospitals. The law also requires a yearly salary increase for nurses. The HB 6411 is intended to institute further reforms, develop and protect the nursing profession in the country. The bill described as an “Act providing for a Comprehensive Nursing Law towards quality healthcare system,” would repeal the…

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Iglesia Ni Cristo Calls for Multi-Sectoral, Cross-Religious Effort to Fight Poverty

Iglesia Ni Cristo

The Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ), a global, independent, Christian religious organization declared poverty as “public enemy number one.” The Church is now calling for a multi-sectoral and cross-religious effort to fight poverty. Under the leadership of its Executive Minister Eduardo V. Manalo, the Church expanded its anti-poverty and socio-civic projects for poor Filipinos through the Lingap sa Mamamayan Program (Aid to Humanity) under the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation. Iglesia Ni Cristo said we must fight poverty relentlessly Glicerio B. Santos, Jr., a minister of the gospel and general…

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