Google Acquires Kifi to Improve its Social Apps

Google Acquires Kifi

Google acquired another startup as part of its effort to continue building and improving its social apps. The search engine giant’s latest acquisition is Kifi, which is focused on connecting people with and through knowledge.

Google Acquires Kifi

In other words, the startup collect and search links shared on social apps by building extensions, and also gives recommendations for further links—an example of its tool is the Kifi for Twitter, a deep search engine for tweets and content shared in links. Dan Blumenfeld and Eishay Smith co-founded Kifi in 2015.

Kifi users can still use the app over the next few weeks

In a blog post, Kifi announced that its team is joining Google particularly the Spaces team to build solutions focused on improving group sharing, conversation, and content finding. The Kifi team said, “Frankly, we’re thrilled they have a bit of “space” for us!”

Kifi sees a “lot of alignment to Google’s mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

According to Kifi, its service and data will not become part of Google. Its users will still be able to use its app and export their data over the next few weeks.

“We’d like to thank everyone that has been a part of Kifi since launching a little over two years ago. We’ve loved working alongside you & your teams and we’re truly grateful for all of the love we’ve received along the way,” said Kifi.

Kifi raised more than $11 million in funding from Don Katz, Oren Zeev, SGVC and Wicklow Capital.

Google confirmed the acquisition

Eddie Kessler, the Director of Streams at Google, confirmed in a short message posted on Google+ that the Kifi team is joining Spaces team to build features that improve group sharing. He said the startup’s team is expert in organizing shared content and conversation.

Google or Kifi did not disclose the financial terms of the transaction. The search engine giant already made almost 200 acquisitions to date. Its other acquisitions this year included Anvato, Moodstocks, Webpass, Synergyse, and Pie.

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