Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump by Double-Digit in Latest Polls


Hillary Clinton is again enjoying a double-digit lead against Donald Trump this week based on the latest Reuters/Ipsos survey and the Washington Post/ABC News poll.

Based on the Reuters/Ipsos survey, 46.6% of likely American voters supported Clinton while 33.3% supported Trump. The percentage of respondents who said they would support neither of the candidates was 20.1%.

Hillary Clinton Made History

The result of the survey showed that Clinton was ahead by 13.3 points. The survey was conducted from June 20-24.

Trump cut Clinton’s lead to nine points after the Orlando mass shooting on June 12. However, his support declined this week as his campaign struggled. In fact, he fired his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski last Monday. The move showed that the billionaire needs to shake-up his campaign, which is experiencing difficulty raising funds.

The latest financial disclosure released by Trump’s campaign showed his war chest $1.3 million compared to Clinton’s $42 million. The presumptive Republican nominee said he was willing to tap his “unlimited” personal wealth if necessary to alleviate concerns. He also stated that his campaign will boost its efforts to raise money through fundraising event and online donations.

Billionaire industrialist David Koch, one of the biggest supporters of the Republican Party, already confirmed that he would not give any financial contribution for Trump’s nomination at the party’s convention.  His brother, Charles Koch previously stated that “they haven’t put a penny” in any of the campaigns.”

A majority of Americans believe Clinton is qualified to be president

Meanwhile, the Washington Post/ABC News poll conducted on June 20-23 showed that Clinton was supported by 51% of registered voters compared to 39% for Trump. Clinton was ahead by 12 points.

The survey showed that a majority of Americans (61%) believe Clinton is qualified to be president. She also maintains an advantage of 2-to-1 when it comes to the question, which candidate has the best personality and temperament to be president.

Almost two in three Americans think Trump is unqualified to lead the country; are worried about the idea of him as president; believe his comments about women, minorities, and Muslims are unfairly biased; and perceive his attacks on the federal judge because of his Mexican heritage was racist.

The poll also showed that 56% of Democrats while 85% of Republicans disapprove the way Clinton handled questions regarding his personal e-mails when she was the Secretary of State.

Trump alienated voters

The results of the surveys showed Trump alienated a large majority of voters including his fellow Republicans. The presumptive Republican presidential nominee recently received strong criticisms due to his controversial positions/statements on several issues.

He questioned the ability of a federal judge to preside on the lawsuits against Trump University because of his Mexican heritage, which was perceived by many as a “racist comment.”  He also revived his proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States following the Orlando massacre. House Speaker Paul Ryan commented that a Muslim ban is not in the best interest of the United States.


Earlier this month, a group of Republican delegates formed the “Anybody but Trump Coalition,” an initiative to prevent the billionaire from getting the nomination of the party. The coalition is composed of the so-called “pockets of resistance” against the presumptive Republican nominee.

House Speaker Ryan also stated that Republicans should follow their conscience when deciding if they would support Trump in November. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker shared a similar position.

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